Before you start using any cosmetic or skincare product it is important to choose the product based on your skin type. Did you just say that you have no idea what your skin type is? No worries! You can check your skin type at home. Interested in knowing how to check your skin type?

Understand why knowing your skin type is important!

Keep in mind that these days skincare products are made keeping in mind specific skin types. So a skincare product works well for you if it is as per your skin type. If you end up using a skincare product that is not suited for your skin then it can lead to side effects. You may have to face issues like excess dryness excess oil production or breakouts if you choose a product that is not meant for your skin type.

Interested in knowing the test to check the skin type?

  • In the morning wash your face with a gentle cleanser that is not harsh on your skin.
  • Next, you have to dry your face gently using a soft towel.
  • Leave your skin as it is for 1 hour and make sure that you apply nothing on your skin during this one hour.
  • Now take a clean and soft tissue and place it on your skin
  • Dab this tissue gently on your skin and make sure that you spread the tissue evenly on your face.
  • Now remove the tissue and check the tissue as well as your skin with clean hands.

What do the results of this simple home skin type test indicate?

  • If the tissue paper is oily and your skin appears glossy and feels greasy then you have oily skin.
  • If the tissue paper has flakes and the skin feels dry and appears flaky then you have dry skin
  • If the tissue paper has oily stains in T shape and the T zone that is the nose portion is oily but your cheeks are dry then you have combination skin.
  • If the tissue paper is clean and has no flakes or oil stains and your face is neither dry nor oily then you have normal skin.

Check the skincare tips based on your skin type:

Oily skin is prone to acne because excess oil production clogs the pores of the skin. Ideally, opt for water-based skincare products as these products have a hydrating formula. Clean the skin regularly to remove excess sebum and impurities. Avoid skin care products that clog the pores of the skin.

Dry skin is prone to itchiness and patchiness and this type of skin feels tight. Use skincare products that moisturize and hydrate the skin and make it feel smoother.

Those of you who have combination skin need to follow an oily skincare regime for the T zone and the dry skincare regime for the rest of the face.

If you are blessed with a normal skin type then you are lucky. In such cases, you can choose skincare products that pamper your skin well. Make sure that you choose quality skincare products that are made from natural ingredients.

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